Concrete Waterproofing Admixture
Overlay for damaged concrete and asphalt roads, driveways & pavements
Restoration of driveways by overlay topping layers is an effective repair method, offering a wide variety of finishes. There is one basic requirement: the slab beneath must be structurally sound, with a bondable surface. In many cases, it requires the removal of the old concrete driveway slab with its cables, drainage pipes and water mitigation systems. 

Kalmatron® Krete100® is an overlay that does not require replacement of old concrete. Surface preparation is simple - by washing with water or priming with KALMATRON® KF-G to provide regeneration of aged concrete and increase chemical bonding. ThKrete100® layer thickness starts from just 5/16” or 8 mm.
Courtyard concrete damaged by winter blistering and deicing treatments by salt and sand.
Krete100® pumping with a slump of 3 1/2" or 9 (cm) with pumpability up to 45' or 15 (m).
Krete100® placement at 3/4" or 18 (mm) on damaged concrete by screed with vibrator.
Krete100® textured for protection against shear wearing.
Pebble rock stamped Krete100® overlay after 5 years.
Regular concrete with shrinkage cracks.                                      2X difference in drying shrinkage between HP concrete with                Krete100® surface without any shrinkage cracks.
                                                                                                          SILICA FUME (red) and KALMATRON® Krete100® (blue). 
Core specimens of Krete100® show excellence of concrete structure compaction. As a result, Krete100®'s corrosion resistance to 15% Sulfuric Acid is 22% higher than that of HPC, which doubles the concrete's durability.  

The cost of Krete100® is about 6 to 10 times lower than the cost of High Performance Concrete with SILICA FUME. 

  • Applicable on crumbled concrete 
  • No shrinkage cracks and no curing is required
  • Immediate bonding, no curling afterward
  • Water and Vapor resistant from both sides
  • High resistance to abrasion and carbonation
  • No toppings and no isolation are required 
Krete100® comes in 50 LB plastic bags for preparation on the job site by mixing with water. Application is simple, requiring a general knowledge of concrete placement jobs. Krete100® is liquid impermeable and corrosion resistant, with wide range of application, including overlay of swimming pools, ponds, oil wells, septic tanks, pavements, driveways, industrial and commercial floors.