Concrete Waterproofing Admixture

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for overlaying of damaged concrete and asphalt driveways, pavements, etc.
Installing of overlay topping layers solve restoration of driveways and provide a wide variety of finishes. As it known, all they have one basic requirement: The slab beneath must be structurally sound with a bondable surface. In most cases it requires removal of old concrete driveway slab with its cables, drainage pipes and water mitigation systems. 

Technology of PATCHCONCRETE application does not require replacement of old concrete. Preliminary spray of KALMATRON® KF-G provides regeneration of aged concrete with bondable surface. Overlay by PATHCONCRETE with thickness beginning from 5/16” or 8 mm results in following benefits:
Courtyard concrete damaged by winters blistering and deicing treatments by the salts and sand.
PATCHCONCRETE pumping with slump of 3 1/2" or 9 (cm) with pumpability up to 45' or 15 (m).
PATCHCONCRETE placement by 3/4" or 18 (mm) on damaged concrete by the screed with vibrating.
PATCHCONCRETE textured to be 
protected from  shear wearing.
Overlay by PATCHCONCRETE stamped by 
pebble rock technique after 5 years.
At left and at right are shown concrete's and PATCHCONCRETE's surfaces with and without shrinkage cracks respectively. 

The chart between them is about differences in drying shrinkage between HP concrete with SILICA FUME and KALMATRON® based PATCHCONCRETE. 

Almost 2 times difference results in zero shrinkage cracks on PATCHCONCRETE surface.
Core specimens of PATCHCONCRETE at left shows excellence of concrete structure compaction. As a result, corrosion resistance of HPC and 

PATCHCONCRETE to 15% SULPHURIC ACID differs by 22% which prolongs concrete durability by 2 times. 

PATCHCONCRETE cost is about at 6 to 10 times less than the cost of High Performance Concrete with SILICA FUME. 

___________________________________•  Applicable on crumbled concrete beneath______________________________________________
___________________________________•  No shrinkage cracks and no curing is required       _______________________________
___________________________________•  Immediate bonding without curling after_____________________________________________
___________________________________•  Water and Vapor resistant from both sides_____________________________________________
___________________________________•  High resistance to abrasion and carbonization___________________________________
___________________________________•  No toppings and no isolation are require 
We supply PATCHCRETE mix design and admixtures KALMATRON® KF-A or Krete100® and KALMATRON® KF-G by 50 LB plastic bags for preparation on a job site by mixing with water. Application is simple requiring general knowledge of concrete placement jobs. PATCHCONCRETE is liquid impermeable and corrosion resistant with wide range of applicability for overlay of the swimming pools, ponds, oil wells, septic tanks, etc.