Slump of PATCHCRETE is at 2 1/2" or 6 (cm) by its workability always visualized as a concrete with  slump at least 5" or 13 (cm). 
The simplicity of PATCHCRETE texturing without any surface curing saves on work hours while giving high quality and durability.  
Picture of textured PATCHCRETE taken after 5 years showing well-preserved, sharp edges in a trafficked area requiring deicing treatments every winter.  
(At left) PATCHCRETE was used to repair the Vilnius airport loading area. The project was completed in 4 hours and exceeded the customer's expectations.

PATCHCRETE's surface hardness is recognized by ACI 300 for Category D for distribution centers and truck stops.
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  __________  1. Measure the area to be repaired, “A” in square feet. 

  ___________2. Standard PATCHCRETE consumption with layer thickness at 1” is 6.35 LB per 1 SF.

  ___________3. Consumption of PATCHCRETE is: “A” x 6.35 = “W”, LB.

  ___________4. If a thinner overlay is required, for instance ½”, multiply “W” x ½ to get the required weight of PATCHCRETE.

  ___________5. If a thicker overlay is required, for instance 2 ½”, then multiply “W” x 2 ½ to get required weight of PATCHCRETE

  ___________6. Always follow the PATCHCRETE APPLICATION instructions to get the best performance for many years ahead.

                        Determining the most economical method of PATCHCRETE application will depend on how large that area is. The right choice will save money,                         construction time and labor cost. Therefore, unload PATCHCRETE:  
                         - by bobcat onto an area that requires no more than 3 to 4 workers. This video shows a batch of Patchcrete with a W/C of 0.465 and slump of 3 3/4".

                         - by hose onto an area that requires over 4 workers. This video shows the batch flow with W/C = 0.493 and slump 4.5". The length of the hose is 190'.
PATCHCRETE examples of texture, stamping, casting as construction joints, and draining traps after 5 years of deicing by salt every winter:
(Left) A sample of PATCHCRETE placed without finishing. At right is the same batch of PATCHCRETE placed with tamping. 
Pigment can be added to PATCHCRETE, with the same high resistance to dusting wear, delamination and cornering wear. 
Many projects are required to be completed overnight. PATCHCRETE offers fast setting times (4 hours) and a high density, durable and thin overlay with a variety of finishes. Fields of application include driveways, roads and pavements, basements, loading docks, septic tanks and courtyards.