Concrete Waterproofing Admixture
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About The Company
K A L M A T R O N ®

The Kalmatron® concept was discovered by Dr. Alex V. Rusinoff in 1982, and first production began in 1992. The Kalmatron® theory created different mechanisms of cement grain decay, which gives numerous technologies for the repair and building of new structures with highest durability. 

Experimental approval of the Kalmatron® theory “Rusinoff’s Osmotic Oscillator” was published by the Dundee University of Scotland in 1990. Patents issued for conceptual products are registered in the United States of America #5,728,208; #5,728,428. The trademarks Kalmatron®, K100® and Krete100® are registered worldwide.

Kalmatron®’s main distinction from other products is the fastest decay-hydration of cement with a reduction in cement grain size by 10 times during the first 20 minutes of batching. Typically, ordinary concrete takes up to 50 decades to achieve complete cement hydration. Kalmatron® changes the gel-crystalline ratio in the cement rock, producing 97% micro pores and just 3% macro pores - the most effective hydraulic lock. That is the reason why Kalmatron® concrete is 100% waterproof.

Another advantage of Kalmatron® is that it upgrades any ordinary concrete up to High Performance Concrete, resulting in close to isotropic performance. Kalmatron® also works with salted and contaminated aggregates, in acidic, ionized, and isotopic environments.

Research and the development of new building materials is our priority in the field of concrete durability.

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